Saris C 2000 trailer with a lockable canopy, with breaks

Wheel Rim Master Jari Keränen Ltd is renting a trailer with a canopy for moving furniture etc.

Width 150 cm, height 160 cm, length 270 cm Volume 6,5 m3 Carrying capacity 1568 kg Total weight 2000 kg

Prices EUR, V.A.T. 24 %

  • 29 € / 1 h
  • 39 € / 2-4 h
  • 49 € / 4-8 h
  • 69 € / 8-12 h
  • 89 € / weekend
  • 399 € / 1 week
  • Comes with lockable double doors. Water and dustproof. Useful binding spots: floor rings.

    Ask for an offer to rent for multiple days. Reservations can be made from the number +358 40 632 5000.

    Rent agreement

    Before renting the trailer a deposit must be paid in advance with a valid debit or credit card. If the payment method is cash or Visa Electron a deductible deposit must be paid in advance.

    The trailer is insured. Deductible deposit 200.00 €.

    The late fee is 30€. Regular rent fees apply for any overdue time. Additional cleaning charge is 60 € / hour.

    Accessories: Mounting straps. All cargo in the trailer must be safely fastened according to rules and regulations during transport.

    Wheel Rim Master Jari Keränen Ltd

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    In addition to consumer sales our company practices wholesale to any interested companies. Our area of operation covers the entirety of Finland.

    Contact info

    Tel. +358 40 632 5000

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