We have a lot of used wheels! The rim sets can be found at our physical storefront at Voimatie 3 os 25-26 Kempele.

ALL SETS -10 % OFF! Original prices displayed. Offer stands until 28.2.2019.

As an opening sales offer, for the purchase of a set of wheels you can get them installed for 29,- (normally 39,-)! Every set has been washed, condition checked and fixed, if necessary.

Good finds for the quick! Buy yours today!

Only one set of said type. At hand for as long as we have stock.
Prices EUR, V.A.T. 24 % – except if sales tax marginal mentioned.
Ex Works.

Recycled rim sets with used tyres

MAZDA 6 (2008-2013)
205/55 16″ Regular, tread depth 2/4mm,
Aluminium 5×114,3 ET55 CB67.
Original ID number 9965796560.
200,00 €
1 rusted
MAZDA 6 vannesarja

205/60 16″ Studded, tread depth 7/8mm,
Aluminium 5×114,3 ET39 CB57.
Original ID number PZ406-E8675.
465,00 € *)Sales tax marginal
TOYOTA VERSO vannesarja

225/55 17″ Studded, tread depth 8/4mm,
Aluminium 5×120 ET41 CB65.
Original ID number 13235010CSIXJ
80,00 € *)Sales tax marginal
3 pcs, 2 tyres with damage
OPEL INSIGNIA vannesarja

SKODA OCTAVIA (2005-2008)
195/65 15″ Regular, tread depth 6mm,
Aluminium 5x112 ET50 CB55.
Original ID number IK0601025A.
260,00 €
center caps missing
Skoda Octavia vannesarja

BMW 300 E90/91 (2005-2012)
255/40 17″ Regular, tread depth 4mm,
Aluminium 5x120 ET34/37 CB73.
Original ID number 8036935.
400,00 €
BMW 300 E90/91 vannesarja

NISSAN QASHQAI (2010-2014)
215/65 16″ Studded, tread depth 9mm,
Aluminium 5×114,3 ET40, CB62.
Original ID number KE409-JD210.
670,00 € *)Sales tax marginal
Nissan QASHQAI vannesarja

MERCEDES A (2005-)
195/55 16″ Regular, tread depth 5mm,
Aluminium 5×112 ET46 CB66.
Original ID number A1094012202.
340,00 €
1 wheel unbalanced
MERCEDES GLC vannesarja

VOLVO S80 (1999-2006)
205/65 15″ Regular, tread depth 5/7mm,
Aluminium 5X108 ET44 CB65.
Original ID number 9173544.
290,00 €
Volvo S80 vannesarja

Alutec Alloy Wheel
205/55 16″ Regular, tread depth 3 mm,
e.g. VW Scirocco (08-)
Aluminium 5×112 ET45(48) CB57,1(70).
Original ID number TO670K1 7JX16H2.
150,00 €
Sales tax marginal

Rim set 19″, width 9″,
e.g. Audi Q7 (05-15), Porche Cayman (04-/ 08-/ 16-)
Aluminium 5x130 ET45 CB 71,6.
399,- €
Sales tax marginal

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Wheel Rim Master Jari Keränen Ltd

Wheel Rim Master Jari Keränen Ltd. is in the business of the repair and resale of wheel rims. Exclusive rights recycling, in co-operation with Autovahinkokeskus AVK.

The selection of reprocessed rims and rim sets include the most common rims used in sedans and vans. Every rim that is for sale has had its condition checked.

In addition to consumer sales our company practices wholesale to any interested companies. Our area of operation covers the entirety of Finland.

Contact info

Tel. +358 40 632 5000

e-mail: info (a) vannemestari.fi