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Easy Round Evolution

Straightens wheel rims quickly. For use by professionals and hobbyists alike.

Easy Round Evolution ®

A rim straightening machine
for home use and for tyre repair shops.

Easy Round Evolution ®

Rim straightening machine – straightens wheel rims quickly.
Detects microfractures and dents.
Centralizes the rims with a steady accuracy.

Technical information:

  • Length: 300 mm
  • Height: 550 mm
  • Depth: 300 mm
  • Weight: 23,5 kg
  • Capacity: Rim sizes from 13″-18″
    (19″-22″ with extra accessories)
  • Work pressure: 0-400 bar

Optional accessories

  • Tool set for straightening rims the sizes of 19″-22″
  • Smart adapter –tool

Evo II ®

The only automatic rim straightening machine on the market.

Speedyround Evo II ®

An automatic rim straightening machine

Increase your revenue! A cost-effective machine and popular amongts international repair shops. The success of this machine is based on user experiences.

Speedyround Evo II ®

Speedyround Evo II is the only fully automatic rim straightening machine on the market.
An internationally patent-protected machine that is the perfect tool for professional, safe, fast and automatic rim repair.

It is easy to use. Attatch the rim to the machine and select the repair program using the machine’s touch screen. The machine will inspect the rim for structural failures, detects micro-fractures, centers the rim and fixes the inside of the rim.

Can be used for all types of rims the sizes between 10″-22″. Possibly the only machine on the market that can be used to repair large and expensive special rims aside from normal ones. The symbols and English instructions make the touch screen easy to use. The optimal temperature for repairs can be reached with the infrared heating element that comes with the machine.

The compact design of the machine ensures that it fits in any tyre repair shop. It is a unique machine designed and built by experienced engineers. The machine is built in Italy by professionals abiding by the EEC-standards and safety directives using only high quality parts.

Technical information

Capacity: 10″-22″
Maximum width of rim: 12″
Power supply: Triple phase + neutro 380Volt/220Volt 2,5Amp–50/60Hz
Sound level: 55 dB
Length: 500 mm. Height: 900 mm. Depth: 1100 mm.
Weight: 165 kg.

Speedy-round Plus ®

Oikaisee automaattisesti kaksi vannetta yhtäaikaa.

Speedyround Plus ®

An automatic rim straightening machine

Speedyround Plus ®

Speedyround Plus has all the same features as Evo II and has a flange as an addition.


  • Can be used to repair rims the sizes of 10″-28″.
  • Both sections of the machines can be operated individually.
  • Can be used to repair two rims simultaneously.

Technical information
Capacity: 10″-28″
Maximum width of rim: 12″
Power supply: Triple phase + neutro 380Volt/220Volt 3,2Amp-50/60Hz
Sound level: 55 dB
Length: 800 mm
Height: 1400 mm
Depth: 1800 mm
Weight: 260 kg

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