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Wheel Rim Master is the largest company in North-Finland to offer rim repair and straightening services. We have an exclusive rights agreement with AVK to receive rims for repair and recycling from all of their locations around Finland.

The business idea for wheel repairs sparked from a personal need and experience. The profiles of my wheels went shallow and when I took them for repairs the wait time felt long.

An idea was born; why cannot the service be any faster? There was no company nationwide that offered the reprocessing of rims as well as giving out replacement rims for the duration of the repair.

Our business partner Autovahinkokeskus OY (AVK) is the largest motor salvage disposal company in Finland. AVK delivers quality replacement rims for Wheel Rim Master. JK-rims checks and repairs the best rims available.

Pictures: Jari Sinkkonen of AVK is the co-driver of Jari Keränen. The two men have participated in numerous Finnish rallying races. In the picture you can see trophies earned by Jari Keränen.

The repair, reprocessing, and sale of high quality rims is a work of passion. Jari’s expertise in the subject is well woven in him through a lifetime of experience.

Jari has been participating in the sport of rallying for more than 20 years, during which he has seen car wheels and rims go through the worst. From the rough experiences he has learned what the wheels must endure and how they must be handled.

The best rim straighteners in Finland with exclusive rights

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