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Powder coatings

Powder coatings from Vannemestari Vannemestari is now offering powder coatings! The price for powder coating a set of rims is 450€, inc. VAT. 24%. Shipping is fast, easy and nationwide with the help of our business partner Matkahuolto. Call us at...

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Fix your rally-rims at Vannemestari

Fix your rally-rims at Vannemestari. Prices from 59€ and up, inc. VAT. 24% Loose rims and sets can be transported across the country easily and affordably by using our Matkahuolto contract. Contact us via phone 040-632 5000 or come...

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Holiday business hours

Business hours during the holiday season Mon-Fri 08:00 - 16:30 Exceptions in our business hours during independence day, christmas and the new year: 6.-7.12. Closed 24.-31.12. Closed 1.1.2019 Closed We wish you a happy independence day - rims brought to us...

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Tyre change services without an appointment

During this season Vannemestari offers tyre changing services every day - including Saturdays and Sundays. Change your tyres now, no appointment necessary! Refreshments will be served, along with a free raffle! Voimatie 3 os 25-26, 90440 KEMPELE Contact us...

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Seasonal tyre swap

No appointment needed! Seasonal tyre swap includes condition checking for the rim, washing and bagging of the summer tyre set 39,- € inc. VAT....

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Wheel Rim Master Jari Keränen Ltd

Wheel Rim Master Jari Keränen Ltd. is in the business of the repair and resale of wheel rims. Exclusive rights recycling, in co-operation with Autovahinkokeskus AVK.

The selection of reprocessed rims and rim sets include the most common rims used in sedans and vans. Every rim that is for sale has had its condition checked.

In addition to consumer sales our company practices wholesale to any interested companies. Our area of operation covers the entirety of Finland.

Contact info

Tel. +358 40 632 5000

e-mail: info (a) vannemestari.fi

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Wheel Rim Master Jari Keränen Ltd

Voimatie 3 os. 25–26


Tel. +358 40 632 5000
Mon–Fri 08:00-16:30